1. How do I place order?
To order online, please follow these steps:
• Go to genuine-aesthetics.com
• Click on the product you want to order (complete in information (if available))
• Select the quantity
• Click "Buy now"
• Check your shopping cart (To delete an item from the shopping cart, select the "delete" button located below that item)
• Click "Continue to check"
Complete the payment process, then review and submit your order with the "Order Complete" button.
If your order has been successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation message.
2. Why I cannot place order/purchase?
If you cannot place the orders in our site, please follow to these guidances:
• First, please refresh, reload the site or using another internet browser to access our store.
• Second, if you’re still unable to purchase after finishing with the first step, please re-check all of required and optional selection of the product.
• Finally, after trying every way but you still cannot place the order, please contact our Customer Service Team via email support@genuine-aesthetics.com to get best advices.
3. How do I pay?
Genuine Aesthetics accepts Paypal as payment options.
• PayPal is the world's trusted way to pay and get paid online. We accept Paypal payments, Visa, MasterCard via Paypal payment system.
• You can safely enter your credit card number via our secure server and purchase directly on genuine-aesthetics.com.
4. I can’t not find product I need
Please contact our Customer Service Team via email support@genuine-aesthetics.com for references.


1. How can I modify/cancel my order?
Orders only can be changed before being processed.
If you need to modify or cancel your order, contact our Customer Service via email support@genuine-aesthetics.com. Please include the order number of the item(s) that you would like to modify/cancel along with your requests.
2. How can I change my shipping address?
If you want to change your shipping address, please contact our Customer Service via email support@genuine-aesthetics.com in 24hours after placing the order by using this form:
• Title/Subject: Changing address of order #...
• Content: include your new correct shipping address.
Please notice that orders which have been shipped out already cannot change the address.
*Please understand that if your order has been processed already, you cannot cancel or modify it. Generally, you are allowed to cancel or modify order item within 24 hours since order was placed. Please contact our Customer Service via email support@genuine-aesthetics.com as soon as possible.
*If you insist to cancel/modify a processing order, you might be charged 25% of the payment to cover product material cost.
*If your order was shipped out already, nothing can be changed any longer. Hope you understand.